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Portal Development
Content Management
Design & Development
Flash Development
Graphic Design
Site Maintenance
E-mail Marketing
SMS gateway

Technologies Include:

- Server Side Scripting: ASP, Visual Basic,
   Java, .NET framework
- Client Side Scripting: JavaScript
- Data Transfer: XML, XLST
- Platform: Windows 2000 Advanced Server
- Database: MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access
- Communication: Web to SMS / SMS to Web
- Payment Gateway: ANZ eGate, Camtech
- Others: Technical support to Coldfusion,
   PHP, etc.

ASP Coding 
Advanced Dynamic Sites:
Our programmers specialise in developing dynamic database driven websites using Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET technology. 
ASP helps us develop advanced database driven websites like itsyou.info and Whosgood (whosgood.com.au)
At USSwebdeveloment we can create websites and applications that are capable of searching and sorting a database to find products, services, prices and other information. We can create online product catalogues or shopping carts and integrate them with credit card processing and shipping. 
With ASP technology, web pages can be interactive and receive information from a variety of sources. These sources of information are usually databases, but they can be text files or even e-mail.
Furthermore, we will develop the administrative functions so that you can easily upgrade and maintain the site with new products, price changes, availability, contact information and news.